Apprentice Program 

Spend the next six months of your Pilates career with a mentor

Take your experience to the next level working on one one with a mentor.  

Students applying for the apprenticeship must be enrolled in or have completed a comprehensive training program. 

Our apprentice program is the first of it's kind in our industry.  We invite mentors from anywhere in the world to work with apprentices.  Each mentor is independent of our program but meets the standards set forth by Pure Body Teacher Training.  Those relate to education level, access to a full studio and the mindset to be a supportive and encouraging teacher. 

Investment, approximately $1500  

The six month program includes:

  • Observation of classes and sessions

  • Individual sessions with your mentor

  • Personal practice at your host studio

  • Bimonthly apprentice classes

  • Use of your host studio for student teaching

  • In person, phone and email communication

  • Potential to teach as an apprentice teacher at your host studio

apprenticeship Application 

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