Pilates Certification Course - San Diego, California

@Pilates Center of California, taught by Jaime White

Our program, the first of its kind, is excited to bring our mat certification course to San Diego! Below you can find a list of what’s included in the workshop. We know that choosing your education partner is an important process and we think you should know who you are about to be in a career building relationship with. We’re a group of dedicated Pilates professionals who are drawn to this program for all the solutions it brings to our students and our industry. The course you are about to take is comprehensive, we leave nothing out. The faculty you’ll be working with has been teaching for a long time and has completed our year long faculty training and bridge program and have spent countless hours getting ready to provide a way above average movement education to our students. Each of us is dedicated to building community, supporting our students, helping you learn and ultimately helping you find synergistic employment if you’d like help. We are building a community of kind, critical thinkers who want to help people by teaching good solid Pilates. #youcansitwithus (and you’ll be a great teacher too!)


Mat Certification, Early Registration* $1799

We’ve encapsulated our signature module, Foundations, and Mat I and Mat II modules into a stand-alone three-module only course. Students will participate in the first three modules of the full course, 50 face-to-face workshop hours and 200 study hours. Students will be ready to teach Mat Pilates to individuals, small groups and in group class settings upon completion of their coursework, hours and practicum.

Required: 200 hours of combined observation, student teaching and practice. Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 at a college level or equivalent before the practicum. We have a course that meets this requirement - see our registration page for information on The Lab | Anatomy. You may begin your hours as soon as you register.

Comprehensive Mat Intensive Course $2100 $1799 until 7/15

After you register you’ll receive a welcome email explaining what the next steps are. We look forward to meeting you and going along this journey with you! Feel free to reach out to us at any time and be sure to enroll in our digital network right away! (details are in that welcome email)

I love the energy of this program and I believe I’ve found my people.

Thanks for creating this program and making it possible for people from different schedules & lives to learn to teach Pilates!!!
— Happy Student Sheena W.

Course Dates


Mat 1 &
Mat 2
September 13, 14, 15 and
September 20, 21, 22

Practicum: November 2019

early REGISTration*, closes July 15th, 2019

  • Classical Repetoire

  • Variations & Movement Science

  • Three modules

    • Foundations

    • Mat I and Mat II

    • 50 workshop hours

  • Study groups

  • Observation hours (67)

  • Student teaching hours (67)

  • Personal Pilates practice hours (67)

  • Ethics and professionalism

  • Digital community

  • Audit any module, any time

  • Other FAQs


If you’d like more information, please complete this form and we will reach out to you.



Additional Info:

Pre-requisites  Include a working knowledge of anatomy, a minimum of 75 personal Pilates practice hours, an understanding of Joseph Pilates and a passion to learn the full Pilates program.  

Reading list Return to Life and Your Health by Joseph Pilates are required.  Titles written by Blandine Calais-Germain, especially Anatomy of Movement.  The Anatomy Trail Guide is a valuable anatomy text and can assist a beginner teacher in recognizing and recruiting particular muscles and muscle groups.  The Pilates Method Alliance study guide is helpful as you get closer to taking your PMA CPT exam.  

Anatomy   If students have not completed Anatomy and Physiology I & II at a college level or the equivalent, completion of this education is required.  We have our own Anatomy course that will fulfill this requirement.

Practicum  Each student takes a practical exam upon completing their modules, hours and anatomy requirements. Exams are three hours long, include two long form essays and two hours of teaching.

PMA CPT  Our program more than qualifies our graduates to take the Pilates Method Alliance exam should they choose to.

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