Each journey is unique, connect with us to find out if this is the right fit for YOU.


Sign up for your DISCOVERY CALL with one of our advisors


This is not a sales call. One of our course advisors will answer all of your questions and explain how our program works and why local studios, national health clubs and country clubs are hiring our graduates.

The Discovery Call is about figuring out if our program is the right fit for YOU. Do we match your learning style? What happens if you have to miss a module? How will you interact with fellow students? How does your unique existing skill set match up with the career of a Pilates teacher? How do you coordinate practice time in your host studio? If you are already teaching, what will this training teach you that you don’t know already?

The answers are as unique as the clients you’ll work with one day - there are usually not one-size-fits-all replies. As such, we use our Discovery Calls to really make sure we’re a fit for your future.

Registration is not done over the phone - you can register anytime on the registration tab of this website.