The Movement

@Pure Body Studio, taught by Heather Erdmann, Jaime White

and Benjamin Degenhardt


register today for $250

The Movement is here.

Pure Body Teacher Training is excited to announce our answer to teacher burn-out. Raise your hand if you became a teacher because you love Pilates. And raise your other hand if you now teach your heart out but get barely any time for your own practice. If you have both hands up you're not alone.

The Movement is our answer to that burn-out phase most of us go through. We love to move, we live to move, we inspire others to move and we lose time to move ourselves. Have you ever noticed that when you travel for a workshop, you can really dive in, in the absence of all of your at-home responsibilities?

What if we did that same thing but instead of dedicating the time exclusively to learning something new, which is easy to justify, we dedicate the time to ourselves. To our own physical health. To Pilates. To reconnecting the method in our own bodies. To fully immersing oneself in the system while being guided by someone else. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, we have space for 24 participants and registration opens one week from today.

Movement Dates


September 27th: 8-9pm casual reception
September 28th: 12pm - 5pm
September 29th: private sessions avaialable

Registration opens August 2nd

When: September 28th

Where: Houston, Texas

How: Plane, train, automobile

Who: Teachers, clients, students

Cost: $250


Taught by: Heather Erdmann, Jaime White, Benjamin Degenhardt


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