The Lab

About The Lab

The Lab is a space we create where we engage with different subject matters as they relate to Pilates. Consider this the continuing education department of our course. Here we will create content specifically for our students who are interested in taking a deeper dive into certain subjects. Expect to find offerings here taught by our own faculty as well as leaders from outside of our course. All of the offerings in The Lab are curated for the sole purpose of enriching our students.


*NEW* Taught by Kristin Schley, Anatomy, is a course open to any movement professional. We dive deep into anatomy, physiology, relationships and formations within the body that matter most to movement teachers. In this lab you will cover levels of organization, anatomy and movement terms, planes of motion, the skeletal and muscular system, joints and fascia. You will leave with a better understanding of anatomy and physiology, especially as this science relates to movement. This lab is 14 hours, taught over two days.

This course fulfills the PBTT Anatomy & Physiology requirement.
PMA CECs will be provided.