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The Movement

Five hours of non-stop Pilates!

What if we did that same thing but instead of dedicating the time exclusively to learning something new, which is easy to justify, we dedicate the time to ourselves. To our own physical health. To Pilates. To reconnecting the method in our own bodies. To fully immersing oneself in the system while being guided by someone else. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, we have space for 24 participants and registration opens one week from today.

The Lab | Anatomy

We require all of our graduates to have a college level understanding of anatomy and physiology. Until today, we required Anatomy and Physiology One and Two from any college. Because those courses aren’t Pilates specific, we collaborated with our very own Anatomy & Physiology teacher Kristin Schley who wrote a course just for you.


education. community. mentorship.

Classical Pilates with the best contemporary variations.  Informed by current medical research and science with a functional approach to the body and body mechanics.


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